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Nonprofit Branding: Start with Stories

Is your organization trying worried about branding? This article shares some great wisdom about the difference between branding and storytelling. For Your Company To Last, The "Brand" Must Die. But Stories Should Survive — Andy Huston (@hust0058) May 31, … Continue reading

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Where to Promote Your Presence: A lesson from the Indy 500

It is one thing to have a social media presence. It’s another thing all together to promote it. But where? The answer zoomed past me at 220mph at the Indy 500 Carb Day. Promote your presence in your core services … Continue reading

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Follow Friday: Twitter Love For Your Association Membership

Happy Friday! On Twitter, today is a good day to point out interesting and relevant “tweeps” to follow. Simply note their Twitter handles and the hashtag: “#followfriday” or #FF”. This can be a good way to recognize: Your newest followers … Continue reading

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The Geosocial Universe: The State of Social Networking And Mobile Access

Take a look at this graphic from JESS3. The numbers are staggering as we think about the Geosocial Universe. In addition to being a really sweet infographic, this is important for organizations to think about the Geosocial Universe because this … Continue reading

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Social Media’s Terms of Dis-Service

Click here to agree to the terms of service. We do it. And often. Because we just want to sign up to use the new site or service. I get that. But what happens when boilerplate terms of service go … Continue reading

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Target Geographic Regions With Your Facebook Page Updates

Facebook Page admins can now segment their communications to their Facebook Fans! Are you worried about creating Fan Page Fatigue by sending irrelevant updates to your fans? Do you have a specific message that would be best for a certain … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Find Your Facebook Friends In Other Cities

My friend Todd Bolster asked me, today, how he could find some of his Facebook friends that lived in a certain geographic area. There are a couple of ways to access that information on Facebook. I’m guilty, as I’m sure we all … Continue reading

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3 Tips to Fix Fan/Follower Fatigue

Is your organization suffering from fan/follower fatigue? You’ve built a fan base, but their aren’t interested in what you’ve got to say and aren’t responding or… worse yet… they’ve stopped following your organization. Time for a content tune up. But … Continue reading

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What If Starbucks Recruited Like Your Organization?

Frankly, Starbucks would go out of business if they did this. Does your organization market themselves or recruit like this? How comfortable do we make our guests feel? Are we speaking their language? Are we making the experience about them? … Continue reading

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Your Facebook Page Can Now Be Tagged In Photos

Facebook likes to change the rules. Now Pages and Brands on Facebook can be tagged in photos. The screenshot above is of a photo of mine that I tagged foursquare in. Anyone that “likes” your brand/page is able to tag … Continue reading

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