Social Media Strategy Development for Fraternal Organizations at #CFLNBGLC

I really enjoy speaking with students at the AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference & National Black Greek Leadership Conference. I’m a product of this conference going back to my undergraduate attendance 10 years ago.

Just because you have a Facebook Page or Twitter account does NOT mean you have have a strategy. Learn what the best businesses and organizations are doing to utilize social media and deliver organizational results.

That’s the primary description of this presentation. I wanted students to walk away from this two-hour presentation with the core outline of their social media strategy that they can implement when they are back on campus. Following that hour of strategy development, I provided an overview of top social media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, foursquare, and others so that participants could have a better idea of the landscape of social media.

Click through the presentation. Have more questions, ideas or need advice? Connect with me – @hust0058 on Twitter or leave a comment below.


About @hust0058

Nonprofit/Association Professional. Social Media Presenter/Writer/Educator. University of Minnesota Alum. Joiner and Volunteer!
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