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5 Things Facebook Page Admins Can Learn From Top Chef

I love watching Top Chef. In fact, I’m writing this post because watching tonight’s show made me hungry (like always). As I was making my fourth meal, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between the Top Chef contestants and Facebook … Continue reading

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How Organizations Can Win With Hashtags On Twitter

A hashtag is an important part of Twitter – particularly the conversations that take place. What’s a hashtag? Anything followed by the pound sign (#) on Twitter. Sometimes, hashtags even act like organizations on Twitter. The hashtags are a very important part of … Continue reading

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How YOU Can Comment On Facebook Pages When You’re Admin

Facebook notoriously changes its rules and setting with little or no warning. Here’s a great update that I noticed had happened earlier today. I’m thrilled this happened after asking and asking for the ability to be able to comment on … Continue reading

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What Are Social Organizations And What’s The Case For Social Media

So… what’s a social organization? The World English Dictionary defines it as “the formation of a stable structure of relations inside a group, which provides a basis for order and patterns relationships for new members.” I think that is a … Continue reading

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Stop Begging for Followers [3 Reasons]

I’m sick and tired of people and organizations begging for new followers through their status updates. Knock it off. This comes with the best intentions; you or your organization is certainly deserving of connecting with friends and followers. These needy, pleading, … Continue reading

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