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3 Secrets For Social Media Fundraising Success

I get excited when I see a headline that really catches my attention – especially in the realm of nonprofit, fundraising & social media. Social fundraising is critical in developing grassroots fundraising opportunities for organizations. The post I saw that … Continue reading

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Social Media Strategy Is Not…

This past year I had the opportunity to write an article for the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) Connections Magazine regarding social media strategy. I recently stumbled back upon the issue of that magazine and the image that accompanied my … Continue reading

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Plug Social Media Into Your Email For Better Relationships

Social media is about relationships. We build relationships online just like we might in person. At it’s most basic level meet new people strike up a conversations.  Those relationships deepen over time and we learn more about the person. So, … Continue reading

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What Does The Thank You Economy Means For Associations?

When I was traveling to speak at the Kappa Delta Convention, I had a decent layover at in the O’Hare Airport, so I picked up a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thank You Economy. What is a Thank You Economy? If … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Keep Your Nonprofit’s Social Status Fresh

It is important to keep an active social media presence for your organization. It keeps your presence active, it keeps your mission front of mind, it helps you feed & grow your fan base, and it makes you more likely … Continue reading

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Follow Friday: Twitter Love For Your Association Membership

Happy Friday! On Twitter, today is a good day to point out interesting and relevant “tweeps” to follow. Simply note their Twitter handles and the hashtag: “#followfriday” or #FF”. This can be a good way to recognize: Your newest followers … Continue reading

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The Geosocial Universe: The State of Social Networking And Mobile Access

Take a look at this graphic from JESS3. The numbers are staggering as we think about the Geosocial Universe. In addition to being a really sweet infographic, this is important for organizations to think about the Geosocial Universe because this … Continue reading

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Is Your Organization Mobile Friendly?

The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users Our members are becoming more smartphone-centric. What are you doing to adapt to better engage them? If you haven’t asked yourself that question yet, you’d better! I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions … Continue reading

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5 Things Facebook Page Admins Can Learn From Top Chef

I love watching Top Chef. In fact, I’m writing this post because watching tonight’s show made me hungry (like always). As I was making my fourth meal, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between the Top Chef contestants and Facebook … Continue reading

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How Organizations Can Win With Hashtags On Twitter

A hashtag is an important part of Twitter – particularly the conversations that take place. What’s a hashtag? Anything followed by the pound sign (#) on Twitter. Sometimes, hashtags even act like organizations on Twitter. The hashtags are a very important part of … Continue reading

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