This blog is dedicated to the intersection of associations and social media. The two are intrinsically linked. They are both about people, connections and building meaningful relationships through communication. These thoughts are representative of my personal and I encourage you to share your opinion with me.

Who am I?

I’m an advocate for the fraternal experience and for social media. As the Director of Member Services for the North-American Interfraternity Conference, I oversee social media monitoring and strategy in the fraternal industry. I’m often writing articles and blogging on this subject to help organizations build effective strategies and campaigns, in addition to coaching and consulting with various organizations. I’ve had the pleasure to speak based on the work I’ve done since graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2004 in the trenches with the NIC, other organizations, and previous roles with Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity and Foundation as consultant, director of educational programs & risk awareness, and director of development.

Where else can you find me / disclosures?

@hust0058 / Facebook /LinkedIn /Smaller Indiana / foursquare /

@nicfraternity (work)

@fraternityinfo (work)

@4SqINDY Team / 4SqINDY Blog

@4SqChat Moderator: #4SqCHAT (Mon at 9p ET) More info: 4sqindy.com/4sqchat

Metromix Indy / Dot.Column #DotColumn Contributor

@samfoundation (previous employer)


I take the time to share information that I’m thinking about. I hope you find it useful. From time to time I might receive books or products to review. From time to time I might provide affiliate links in posts or link to advertisements. These links or reviews do not impact my thoughts about any products or services.

Please let me know what questions I can help you with!

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