3 Secrets For Social Media Fundraising Success

I get excited when I see a headline that really catches my attention – especially in the realm of nonprofit, fundraising & social media. Social fundraising is critical in developing grassroots fundraising opportunities for organizations.

The post I saw that stoked my thoughts that follows below was Social Media for Social Good: 3 Secrets to Raising Big Bucks Online. Great headline that is right in the “sweet spot” of my interests! There is some solid data in this article (definitely worth a minute to read), but I think these “3 Secrets” are off. The author shares these tips:

1. Hire or Assign Someone Currently on Staff

2. Allocate Budget

3. Add Social Media Components to Your Fundraising Appeals

I’ll share my 3 Secrets with you in a moment.

Don’t get me wrong. These are important pieces of social media strategy. I don’t think these are the “3 Secrets to Raising Big Bucks Online.” The top tier social fundraisers are presumably the top fundraising organizations period. The article noted organizations that have dedicated staff like Make-a-Wish Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, Chris and Dana Reeve Foundation, American Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation, Humane Society and March of Dimes. These organizations are probably generating much more fundraising revenue through traditional channels than other foundations and charitable organizations.

I would love to see the author, Frank Barry, share how organizations with the best percentage of total fundraising revenue coming from social channels are killing it with social media fundraising.

I suspect that nonprofits that are raising a stronger percentage of money through social channels are:
1) Sharing how to connect with the organization online (as stated above in point #3)
2) Approaching the presence with a fundraising mentality & emphasizing their case for support
3) Asking People To Give Via Their Content!

Most nonprofits I’ve been following on Twitter and Facebook simply fail to ask people to make a gift. It seems so common sense, but is often overlooked.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback. If you’ve made a gift online as a result of following an organization’s social media presence, I’d love to hear what compelled you to donate.

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