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University of Iowa Facebook Page Deletes Post After Rivalry Game

Let me start by saying I’m not trying to add insult to injury. In full disclosure, anyone that knows me knows that I’m a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota. Early tonight my Alma Mater played football against its arch-nemesis, … Continue reading

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Target Geographic Regions With Your Facebook Page Updates

Facebook Page admins can now segment their communications to their Facebook Fans! Are you worried about creating Fan Page Fatigue by sending irrelevant updates to your fans? Do you have a specific message that would be best for a certain … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Find Your Facebook Friends In Other Cities

My friend Todd Bolster asked me, today, how he could find some of his Facebook friends that lived in a certain geographic area. There are a couple of ways to access that information on Facebook. I’m guilty, as I’m sure we all … Continue reading

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Your Facebook Page Can Now Be Tagged In Photos

Facebook likes to change the rules. Now Pages and Brands on Facebook can be tagged in photos. The screenshot above is of a photo of mine that I tagged foursquare in. Anyone that “likes” your brand/page is able to tag … Continue reading

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5 Things Facebook Page Admins Can Learn From Top Chef

I love watching Top Chef. In fact, I’m writing this post because watching tonight’s show made me hungry (like always). As I was making my fourth meal, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between the Top Chef contestants and Facebook … Continue reading

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How YOU Can Comment On Facebook Pages When You’re Admin

Facebook notoriously changes its rules and setting with little or no warning. Here’s a great update that I noticed had happened earlier today. I’m thrilled this happened after asking and asking for the ability to be able to comment on … Continue reading

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Your Facebook Page Just Got More Social

Facebook is known for its regular updates. This one is long overdue! As an administrator of several Facebook Pages, I have wanted to comment on behalf of the organization on other pages. There was no formal way you could do … Continue reading

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