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Slides From My Social Media Strategy Presentation at Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Convention

I just had the pleasure of speaking at the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Convention at the Omni Champions Gate in Orlando, FL. It is always a pleasure to educate volunteers and students about two things I’m very passionate about: fraternities … Continue reading

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The Impact Of Google Plus On Blog Traffic

It is safe to say we’re enjoying the shiny new social media object that is Google Plus. Mashable’s Ben Parr has reported that Google+ has built a user base of 18 million users with 25-34 year olds making up 38% of the … Continue reading

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Google+ Hangouts Will Reinvent Communication In Organizations

Google+ is what’s hot in the social media world. As we continue to use this new social network, we’re continuing to see the new opportunities that it has for organizations. This post explores the opportunities for organizations to use the … Continue reading

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Plug Social Media Into Your Email For Better Relationships

Social media is about relationships. We build relationships online just like we might in person. At it’s most basic level meet new people strike up a conversations.  Those relationships deepen over time and we learn more about the person. So, … Continue reading

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How Evernote Helps Create Compelling Content

Evernote is a great application that I use on the Web, PC, and as an App. This service saves, stores and synchronizes notes, images, photos and webclips on the cloud. Easily accessible anytime, anywhere on the web, PC or my … Continue reading

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10 Ways Organizations Can Maximize Foursquare Tips

Foursquare is my favorite social network because it intersects with location. Nonprofits, associations, and social organizations can extend the reach of their organization by using foursquare’s tips that are left at venues. When a user checks in to a venue, a … Continue reading

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How Google Plus Will Be A Plus For Organizations

Google has entered the social landscape in a big way with the launch of Google+. It’s the big, shiny object that is attracting time and commentary in the social media world. For organizations, it is important to step into new … Continue reading

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What Does The Thank You Economy Means For Associations?

When I was traveling to speak at the Kappa Delta Convention, I had a decent layover at in the O’Hare Airport, so I picked up a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s Thank You Economy. What is a Thank You Economy? If … Continue reading

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Social Media Strategy Presentation at Kappa Delta Sorority Convention

First, thanks to the volunteers and staff of Kappa Delta Sorority for inviting me to present Social Media Strategy for Social Organizations with their National Leadership Team. This is a wonderful example of organizational commitment to social media from their … Continue reading

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