5 Things Facebook Page Admins Can Learn From Top Chef

Bravo's Top Chef Badge

Bravo's Top Chef foursquare badge

I love watching Top Chef. In fact, I’m writing this post because watching tonight’s show made me hungry (like always). As I was making my fourth meal, I couldn’t help but think of the similarities between the Top Chef contestants and Facebook Page admins.

1. The Pressure Is On: Trust Your Gut

This is your masterpiece, your creation, and your labor of love. What you serve reflects upon you and your organization. Not only do you want to deliver a winner, but you are expected to deliver. This can be intimidating and, like Richard Blais, you might start to second guess yourself. Trust your gut and be confident – this will develop more with time and practice.

2. The Rules Will Change: Deal With It

As I recently posted, Facebook often changes the rules of the game. And sometimes with little warning. Top Chef contestants know that they are going to be thrown some curveballs. The most successful chefs are the ones that take a deep breath, get an understanding of the new challenges/opportunities, and adapt their recipe to fit the circumstances. Watch for the changes on Facebook or sites like allfacebook.com. Maybe this means you’ll have to scale your plans back to stay on top. You’re still expected to serve your best dish.

3. Be True To Yourself: Put Your Touch On It

Develop your style and stick with it. The judges like to see Top Chef contestants add a bit of their personality to the dishes. Winning Facebook Pages can appropriately illustrate the personality of you and your organization. But, just as happens on the show, trying to be something you are not leaves people unimpressed.

4. Everyone Is A Critic: Know Your Audience

You’ve got to love it when the chefs have to make street food or cook for kids when they are used to serving elegantly plated meals. The winning chefs understand who they are cooking for and cater to the audience. It’s no surprise when chefs that don’t take this into consideration get sent home. Your customers are also your critics… feed the well and hear their praises. Serve something up that isn’t quite right and be prepared for the criticism. Oh, and don’t forget that even good dishes face criticism at the judges table. Be prepared for it.

5. Keep Your Fundamentals Strong: Be Consistent

So many chefs are told to pack their knives for two reasons: food that is over/under seasoned or food that is over/under cooked. These are basic, fundamental things! Look for the right balance and frequency in your Facebook Page updates. How do you know if you are doing a good job? By tasting along the way. Use Facebook Insights to monitor your Facebook Page’s performance to see what hits the mark and what is a bit off.

Unlike Top Chef, there’s no $200,000 prize for Top Facebook Page Admin… but then again, what are Facebook fans worth to you and your organization?


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