Stop Begging for Followers [3 Reasons]

A Needy Tweet

A Needy Tweet

I’m sick and tired of people and organizations begging for new followers through their status updates. Knock it off. This comes with the best intentions; you or your organization is certainly deserving of connecting with friends and followers.

These needy, pleading, begging status updates have got to stop.

Here are 3 reasons why begging for followers is an Epic Fail:

1. Nobody Cares How Many Followers or Fans You Have

… besides yourself. And with organizations, it’s not about you anyway. It is about the people that you impact.

2. It Is Not A Meaningful Ask

In the big scheme of things, this might seem like an easy ask to your followers. But rethink that for a moment. I’ll typically donate, volunteer or offer advice to organizations I have a close affinity to. But, there are limitations on the amount of time, talent and treasure that I have. So… yes, while it is important to have a call to action, make sure it is aligned with your mission AND that is the best use of the limited resources of your fans. This might be their only engagement with you for the month or even the year. Using advocates to amass a following is a shallow victory. And rarely do their efforts lead to much fan growth. Give your supporters good news to share or the meaningful mission-based call to action and they will be there. Trust me, their friends will take notice and start to follow along!

3. Desperation Is Not Attractive

It needy and desperate because of the self-serving tone in point number one. If you haven’t noticed, I have an adverse reaction to this needy behavior. I bet I’m not alone either. Frankly, it is worse than annoying – it is repelling. People want to be a part of a winner. We want to be confident in the organizations that we associate with. Don’t diminish that by taking shortcuts at building your fan bas. Fans will come. Be patient. The more quality (meaningful + engaging) content you create will result in a greater quantity of friends, followers, fans and… advocates.

How do you feel about these requests for more fans?


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Nonprofit/Association Professional. Social Media Presenter/Writer/Educator. University of Minnesota Alum. Joiner and Volunteer!
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