How YOU Can Comment On Facebook Pages When You’re Admin

Facebook notoriously changes its rules and setting with little or no warning. Here’s a great update that I noticed had happened earlier today. I’m thrilled this happened after asking and asking for the ability to be able to comment on Fan Pages that I am an admin of with no response.

So here’s how you can do it:

1. Go To Your Fan Page (example for our foursquare blog)

  • On the upper-right click “Edit Page”

2. Edit Your Settings

  • Click the top link that says “Your Settings”
  • Uncheck the top box “Always comment and post on your page as [Page Name] …”
  • Save Changes.
  • Get email updates when people post or comment on your page! Keep checked.

3. Comment, Like or Post as Yourself!

  • You notice the difference immediately. Your picture will appear next to any posts.
  • Notice that a few days earlier I could only post as the page.

4. Toggle Back To Comment, Like and Post as Your Page/Organization

  • Once you’ve made this change you can easily toggle back and forth between a personal post/comment and one from your organization.
  • On your Facebook Fan Page, under “Admins” click the “Use Facebook as [Fan Page]”

    Here are 5 quick reasons why you’ll personally want to join the conversation:

    1. Helps Build Personal Relationships Within The Organization
    2. To Add Your Personal Perspective
    3. Puts A Face With The Name (Literally)
    4. People Like To Connect With Other People and Knowing Who That Is
    5. Multiple Admins Can Add Varying Opinions & Perspectives In Comments

    How will you use this new update on your Facebook Fan Page?


    About @hust0058

    Nonprofit/Association Professional. Social Media Presenter/Writer/Educator. University of Minnesota Alum. Joiner and Volunteer!
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    17 Responses to How YOU Can Comment On Facebook Pages When You’re Admin

    1. Richard Blythe says:

      Can you move the “your settings” instructions above the pic, I almost missed it.

    2. hust0058 says:

      Thanks for the feedback Richard. I’ve made the update. Is this better?

    3. Richard Blythe says:

      Lots! thanks for the page!

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    5. This works for regular posts but not, it seems, for the discussion page, which is where I most need it.

    6. You are a flipping legend, thanks.

    7. Siva says:

      Thanks for the useful article. Could you please clarify my point? I have a profile plus fan page. I want to post as a fan page owner on other fan pages. Is that possible? I think the option “Use Facebook as Page” suits my requirement. Could you please confirm me? Can I able to undo the changes again?

      • hust0058 says:

        Thanks. Yes, you can post on other Pages that using your Page.

        The difference between the user profile (for business or an org) and the Page is that I believe the user is outside the Facebook terms of service. Also, users are capped at 5000 friends.

    8. ann says:

      thank u sooo much for the info..
      i unchecked the box some time ago and thrilled to post comments as “myself” in the page. But the problem is, I will turn into an ordinary member of the page and my posts will stay below the admin’s post and some members couldn’t see my posts in their Newsfeed.
      Then I had a hard time trying to switch back to the “page” mode. cos I forgot how I did that last time haha :p

      So thank u so much

    9. Aaron M says:

      Thanks so much for this helpful guide, Andy. I’m wondering if there’s any way to disable posting as an App on an Application Profile Page if you’re set as administrator for that App.
      Let me know, I’d surely appreciate it.

    10. Matt says:

      I am looking to ad a picture to my admin, so when I comment on another page, our company logo shows up, but I can’t seem to change the picture from the blank that is currently there. I have tried to go into “Edit Page”, then into “Your Settings” but the only thing I have in “Your Settings” is the option “Email Notifications:
      Send notifications to when people post or comment on your page.”

      I do not have the option to click: “Always comment and post on your page as [Page Name] …”

      Can someone help me please?

      • @hust0058 says:

        Matt, In order to do this you’ll have to change the profile picture for your Facebook page to your company’s logo. Go to your Facebook page and put your mouse on your profile picture in the upper left. A box will appear that says “change picture”. Click that and upload a new image with your company’s logo. Hope this helps.

    11. Charles says:

      Hi! I have same problem as Matt. I have a profile picture which I want but my admin picture is blank. I cannot find a way of making my admin picture the same as my profile picture, (only option in settings is email as with Matt). Therefore my profile picture is not posted but my admin picture is which is blank! Also cannot find a way of posting as anything but admin! Thank you

    12. JoeR says:

      This is great!!! Now what about from a Facebook app installed on a smartphone. No matter what I do, when I post on the fan page it always shows my post as if from the page and not my personal profile.

    13. Susan Seacord says:

      I just tried to do this, and I don’t have that option under Your Settings. Did they change this recently?

      • @hust0058 says:

        This has changed in its appearance since the start of Facebook’s Timeline – but it still works the same. 1) Go to the page, 2) Edit Page (drop down menu – select “Manage Notifications”), 3) Make sure the top box is unchecked. Hope this helps!

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