HOW TO: Find Your Facebook Friends In Other Cities

My friend Todd Bolster asked me, today, how he could find some of his Facebook friends that lived in a certain geographic area. There are a couple of ways to access that information on Facebook.

I’m guilty, as I’m sure we all are, of traveling to other cities without looking to see what friends are living there because I’m focused on the primary job at hand. It never fails that someone will comment on my status as I’m departing saying that we should have met up. Well, this is a great idea to help sustain relationships that you’ve established from the organizations you belong to. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to keep track of the many moves that take among young professionals after college… or that key volunteer that you may have forgot about!

First, log into Facebook. The fastest way to get to this search feature is to click “Account” (see right arrow) and then “Edit Friends.” Otherwise you can click “Friends” (see left arrow) on the menu bar. After that you’ll click “edit” on the Friends page.

 Once you get to this page (which is, you can select “Search by Current City” and then type in the city you’re looking for. That’s all there is to it!

Granted, this works only for personal accounts – not Facebook Pages. But Pages can be tactical in communicating with fans in different geographic areas. Check back for that post tomorrow!

Thanks again, Todd, for this question. What social media questions to you have?


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One Response to HOW TO: Find Your Facebook Friends In Other Cities

  1. Isabel says:

    Did they take away this capability or is it just me? If they did, they’re just completely taking away the “Social networking” aspect of Facebook, and I’m opposed.

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