Target Geographic Regions With Your Facebook Page Updates

Facebook Page admins can now segment their communications to their Facebook Fans!

Are you worried about creating Fan Page Fatigue by sending irrelevant updates to your fans? Do you have a specific message that would be best for a certain state or city? Now you can target specific areas for events, relevant regional groups, or alerts updates based on states or cities.

Facebook Page Targeted Status Update

When using Facebook as the Page, before updating your status click “Everyone” on the near the “Share” button. Then select “Customize”.

Facebook Page Targeted Status To CitiesThe “Choose your audience” box will pop-up. Select the targeted country, followed by State/Province or City.

Once you have typed in the City or State, hit the enter key and then you’ll have the opportunity to add addition cities or states.

What are some reasons you might use targeting your Facebook Page’s content?


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One Response to Target Geographic Regions With Your Facebook Page Updates

  1. Heather Price says:

    Thank you for this page – you have helped me solve a mystery!!! Blessings. Heather

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