Your Facebook Page Can Now Be Tagged In Photos

Facebook likes to change the rules. Now Pages and Brands on Facebook can be tagged in photos.

The screenshot above is of a photo of mine that I tagged foursquare in. Anyone that “likes” your brand/page is able to tag it in photos.

How can Facebook Admins remove inappropriate photos?

  1. Click Photos tab while using your page as admin
  2. Click the photo in question
  3. Remove the photo by clicking in the lower left:
    1. “Report this Photo”
    2. “Remove this Photo”

How can Facebook Admins use this new photo tagging feature for good?

  1.  Share great pictures from a recent event
  2. Ask fans to tag pictures of your organization
  3. Strategic tagging of photos for marketing purposes

Having your organization tagged in pictures is a good way to expand its presence on Facebook. Now anyone looking at pictures with your organization tagged will notice it. That might mean your friends – current members & potential members, it might be friends in the same organization around the country, or it might just be your grandma. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, being smart by monitoring your photos will help your organization’s presence on Facebook.

How have you been using this new feature?


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