Social Media’s Terms of Dis-Service

Click here to agree to the terms of service.

We do it. And often. Because we just want to sign up to use the new site or service. I get that. But what happens when boilerplate terms of service go bad?

The latest example of a Term of Dis-Service that caught my attention on Marketplace was regarding TwitPic (a popular photo service used by many on Twitter to share pictures). If you haven’t read the article yet, do me a favor and answer this question: who owns the pictures that you take and post on TwitPic? If you said that you do – you’re wrong (according to the article). To their credit, TwitPic responded on their blog about the misinterpretation of their TOS. Maybe unclear, maybe misinterpreted – definitely proves a point.

On the other had, the photo-sharing site Flickr let’s you post your pics with the Creative Commons or Rights Managed licensing. What’s that mean? First – that you own your photographic images. Second – that you should be receiving attribution or financial compensation if the image is used elsewhere.

So, the next time you’re at an event or taking a picture – think about where you post it and how you can maintain rights for future organizational publication.

Lesson: Pay attention to the T.O.S. 


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