Digital Note-taking and Etiquette

Yesterday I was asked for my opinion on Tweeting during presentations. I think that this is a great way to share relevant information from the speaker to your followers. As fellow conference attendees it is also interesting to hear what topics are resonating with others.

As a presenter I appreciate the instant feedback from the audience. During my session – Getting Schooled Online: Using Social Media for Professional Development at the NACA Mid America Meeting I saw that several participants were really captivated by certain phrases that I used.

Effective note taking is important because you’ll have a 1000 great ideas swirling around your head. Being able to access them from your phone – to your computer – to your iPad/tab.

Here is a list of Free Applications that are “in the cloud” to can help with your digital note-taking:

1) Evernote

I love this app for notes. Tag notes with categories you’ll be using to help search notes later on. A few of my tags are AFA2011, Recruitment, Leadership, Risk Management, Follow Up

2) Twitter

Tweet some of your favorite quotes, books mentioned, etc. This isn’t the best method if you are expecting to go back and review what you’ve tweeted depending on your volume of updates.

3) Tumblr

If you have a blog where you share professional or personal information this can be a good place to write a recap of what you’ve heard. Want to get started today? A fast and easy to use blogging platform is Tumblr. Posts on Tumblr tend to be a little more brief than a full-blown blog.

4) WordPress

If you have a WordPress blog, you might not know that you can create and publish new posts from the mobile WordPress App. One way I use this app is to take online format notes in a new blog post. I just save it and don’t publish it. Later on I’ll go back to the post flush out the outline or ideas I’ve typed and post it.

5) Blogger

If you blog on Blogger you can do the same thing that I described on WordPress.

6) Gmail

I like making notes actionable. Maybe I hear something that would be really helpful to share with a friend or colleague. Create an email and type up some actionable thoughts that you’ve heard.

7) Google Docs

Again, this is a great opportunity to type up notes on my device and have them available for access when I get back to my computer – or if I log into my Gmail account from any computer – anywhere.

8 ) Google Calendar

I use my calendar to block some time for issues I’d like to follow upon. I know that I’m going to lose the name of the book that the presenter referenced. If I’m really interested in it, I’ll plug it into my calendar a few days after I get home so I can look it up and make the purchase. I do keep an ever-evolving list of books that are on my “wish list” in Evernote.

9) To Do List Apps

I’m not a big to do list app guy. But my friend Spring-Eve Rosado says Teux Deux is awesome.


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