Explore #AFA2011AM on Foursquare and Find Specials

I like foursquare. In fact, for more than a year and a half I’ve been blogging about foursquare on http://4sqindy.com and moderating a Twitter chat about foursquare (#4sqChat – Mondays at 9p ET).

Foursquare is a social media application based on location. It is often called a location-based network or geo-social network. Either way, foursquare is especially fun when traveling to connect with friends and explore interesting local spots. Users check-in to share their location with friends (worried about privacy – you choose who your friends similar to Facebook and you can decide what you want to share to Twitter or Facebook).

The #AFA2011AM has venues for the AFA Annual Meeting and the Silent Auction.

That’s fun, but it is even more fun to use foursquare to explore a city!


Click the Explore or Radar tab in foursquare. This is pretty cool feature. Before you type in and search check out the options:

Trending venues are probably happening for a reason. And one of your friends may very well be among the crowd.

Recommended venues are suggested because of their popularity.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, I suggest clicking the “Specials” button to find all the nearby deals. Foursquare has partnered with Groupon and ScoutMob to offer discount deals at some venues, too. You might be able to buy and use one of those deals immediately. You never know when you might find free food or drinks nearby, too!

Some fun specials near the conference:

  • Mike Shannon’s Outfield at620 Market Streetoffers “one free domestic or cocktail” for your very first check-in at their venue.
  • Mango Peruvian Cuisine at 1101 Lucas Ave(at 11th) “check-in with 4 or more friends and receive a complimentary small plate for your table.”
  • Soulard’s Restaurant and Bar at 1731 South 7th St. has a GROUPON affiliated discount “$14 for $20” deal.
  • Brewhouse Historical Sports Bar at 315 Chestnut St.(at 4th) will give you “a free chili-cheese dip when you check-in.”

In addition to some great specials, be sure to look over the popular tips at venues when you check-in. Users often leave some great recommendations. Having trouble picking between a couple of items – if something is popular that definitely sways my vote!

You can make foursquare more fun, useful and exciting by sharing your insights as Tips when you check-in.

Happy checking in!


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