How To Get Better Grades In College Using Social Media

I regularly work with college students and organizations that are heavily engaged with this audience. This infographic is in honor of the upcoming academic year!

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How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media  | Infographic |

Organizations with a college membership base should be taking note.

Organization with roots in higher education have the purpose of building better men and women through their co-curricular experience.

First, of the proposed impact that social media has in academics. You are in school to get an education. If social media helps or enhances your success in the classroom – then yes, it is important. As the infographic suggests, faculty will be more likely to encourage use and facilitate ongoing discussion online following the formal classroom experience. This means continued growth in the college student demographic across social media channels.

Second, the demographics in various channels can not be ignored. Everyone knows Facebook is synonymous with college. The same goes for YouTube. Blogs, Twitter and other social networks currently lag behind these two behemoths — but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored!

What do you think about the assertions of this infographic?

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1 Response to How To Get Better Grades In College Using Social Media

  1. Grace says:

    Perfect! because they get more information in facebook than not using it 😀

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