The Impact Of Google Plus On Blog Traffic

It is safe to say we’re enjoying the shiny new social media object that is Google Plus. Mashable’s Ben Parr has reported that Google+ has built a user base of 18 million users with 25-34 year olds making up 38% of the traffic to the site, based on a report from Experian Hitwise.

I’ve already shared my initial thoughts about how organizations will be able to use Google+. But now I’ve got some personal data that I’m excited to share about how Google Plus can drive traffic to your blog.

This past week I’ve only made one new blog post. I shared it on my social networks with the following audiences: Facebook [1639 friends], Twitter [1771 followers] , LinkedIn [812 connections], & Google+ [237 followers].

Despite the fact that Google+ is the smallest, by far, of my social networks it has been the biggest driving force of traffic to my blog this week – by far. 

Blog Referrer Traffic From Google Plus

Blog Referrer Traffic From Google Plus: From This Week

Bloggers take note! Organizations take note! Google Plus is having an early impact in driving web traffic. Will you be ready when Google Plus officially allows organizations, nonprofits and associations to have a presence?

Are these results just part of the shiny new social network? It’s hard to say at this point. As the old saying goes “all that shimmers is not gold”… but from my vantage point, it’s looking pretty golden.

Have you noticed an impact from sharing posts on Google+?


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4 Responses to The Impact Of Google Plus On Blog Traffic

  1. spurs says:

    It seems people are right about what they are saying … thanx for the gr8 review ….

  2. Jon Kenedede says:

    I don’t if it’s real, but google plus is really just a copycat. No offense.

  3. Grace says:

    google plus has a great advantages in search engines so watch out for new features!

  4. I think people should pay attention to Google plus, really affects your ranking and traffic.

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