How Google Plus Will Be A Plus For Organizations

Google has entered the social landscape in a big way with the launch of Google+. It’s the big, shiny object that is attracting time and commentary in the social media world. For organizations, it is important to step into new networks with existing strategy and know how the new platform will help. Now is the time to “Experiment Personally then Apply Professionally,” as I say during social media presentations.
It is still very early, but here are my initial thoughts about how this new social network can be a plus for organizations. After reading, please leave a comment with your thoughts and experiences thus far.
1. Segmenting Social Communication
Connecting your organization’s database to a Gmail account to connect with your members, donors, and friends. Google+ offers the opportunity to deliver more relevant communication your various constituents.
Google+ begins with adding contacts to Circles. Your organization can apply its own, existing labels to these Circles. Those labels could look like: prospects, members, past members, donors, executive committee, sponsors, etc.
This has the potential to mean that when people hear from your organization they hear something that is tailored to them. How cool is that?! No more bombarding updates about a meetings time change to your entire following.
2. Identifying Interested People
When you arrive in Google+, you’ll begin the process of sorting your friends into Circles. When you’ve been placed in a circle, you receive a notification. This is a great way to identify some of the various audiences above. Perhaps you don’t know who the person is or why they’ve started following you – a “General” Circle can help capture that interested pool.
Google says business pages will be launching soon. Ford Motor Company has been credited with “hacking” the first business page even though this is not acceptable according to Google.
Interested in setting up  your organization with a Google Plus account? Sign up on the Google Plus waiting list by clicking here.
What do you think Google+ will mean for organizations?

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11 Responses to How Google Plus Will Be A Plus For Organizations

  1. Chuck Gose says:

    I would think that Google Hangout (I still don’t like that name) would also be a valuable resource within Google+ for organizations.

    • hust0058 says:

      I agree, Chuck. Hangouts could be an effective way for internal collaboration with task force/committee meetings OR external outreach by hosting a town hall with organization leaders.

  2. John Haydon says:

    Andy – great post here (just linked to it). I love your second point and believe Google will build robust search options into plus over time. They may not be the social beast, but they are the search beast….

  3. Jason Arican says:

    I see your vision and I agree that in theory this is a great way for businesses to do targeted outreach. In practice though, I see this being a very tough thing to manage and is especially not scalable for big brands.

    One idea that Mike (@brightmatrix) has is to has the business create the circles and allow your customers to segment themselves. I think that is probably a more realistic approach.

    In any case, Google said it is definitely going to launch something. I’ll be interested to see what they come up with!

    Thanks for sharing,

    • hust0058 says:

      Thanks for sharing Mike’s thought about self-segmenting. I’d be fascinated to see that in application.

  4. Mark Mayhew says:

    good post, when are writers going to start to link to their Google+ Profiles?!

    • hust0058 says:

      Putting that on the to-do list. I think we’ve been too busy with adding people to Circles.

      Also, I think these Google+ Profiles have not about killed the relevance of and I’ve just set mine up:

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  6. karl says:

    Lots of organizations and small business use Google properties for a great number of things, from email to Google docs. Google isn’t going to let Google+ die. They’re going to incorporate it into everything, from gmail to docs to Android. It’s going to be unavoidable.

  7. Thanks for your post. Actually i was searching how to make organization page on google+. I found thins post.

    Thanks again

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