10 Ways Organizations Can Maximize Foursquare Tips

Foursquare is my favorite social network because it intersects with location. Nonprofits, associations, and social organizations can extend the reach of their organization by using foursquare’s tips that are left at venues. When a user checks in to a venue, a tip from that venue will appear in the app. Tips are a growing component of foursquare – accentuated by the new “Explore” tab.

Tips can be created online at foursquare.com or in the mobile app.

Organizations can maximize their presence on foursquare with these tips about tips:

  1. Blend information about the venue and your organization (Stay relevant!)
  2. Share something insightful or interesting or amusing… [NWF Example]
  3. Be “evergreen” – a tip that won’t have an expiration date
  4. Think “do-able” to inspire users to mark “I’ve done this”
  5. Leave tips at venues that relate to your target audience
  6. Add a link back to a related blog post on your site [DigIN Example]
  7. Include a picture with your tip
  8. Embed foursquare tips on your website [VisitPA example]
  9. Promote your tips on Facebook / Twitter
  10. Thank users for completing your tip (new notifications in the app or by email)
  11. Bonus: Run a campaign to drive users to complete your tips during a certain time period.
What else would you like to see from organizations on foursquare?

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Nonprofit/Association Professional. Social Media Presenter/Writer/Educator. University of Minnesota Alum. Joiner and Volunteer!
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