Social Media Strategy Presentation at Kappa Delta Sorority Convention

First, thanks to the volunteers and staff of Kappa Delta Sorority for inviting me to present Social Media Strategy for Social Organizations with their National Leadership Team. This is a wonderful example of organizational commitment to social media from their top leaders!

This presentation blends my passions for social media and fraternity/sorority. Fraternities and sororities are poised to be leaders in the social media space. We are founded on relationships. So, with a little thoughtfulness, a sorority – as a national organization or as a chapter – can implement a social media strategy to build and enhance those relationships.

Frankly, I was most impressed and pleased that the organization – as a whole – made the point of educating their key volunteers about social media. Training and education is – as the participants heard – an important part of strategy development. And while it is hard to cover strategy development and best practices in an hour, I believe that Kappa Delta’s volunteers now have the framework to build upon.

Yes, this presentation may have sparked more questions. But you’ve got to start somewhere – and I believe that starts by listening and forming a plan based on the objectives you want to accomplish.

I also commit answering questions that follow, Kappa Delta! I’ve enjoyed some good exchanges with some of the participants already – like this one from Tara Hastings.

You know where to find me if you have more questions!


About @hust0058

Nonprofit/Association Professional. Social Media Presenter/Writer/Educator. University of Minnesota Alum. Joiner and Volunteer!
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