Slideshare Is Great For Social Sharing

I’m a big fan of Slideshare. When you have something important to say that is valuable to your organization, they need to hear it.

Did someone miss a meeting? So what! Knowledge is power and we must continue to empower our members. I believe that means that we need to reach them where they are.

Slideshare is a great (free) way to share PowerPoints and documents in a more social way than, say, sending out a PDF or linking it to your website.

Give your message legs. Legs to stand on its own and then run. Its easy to embed into your site and it includes social sharing for easy access to promote on Facebook and Twitter. Slideshare is social.

Finally, it is great to be able to get a sense of how many people have viewed the message. As the Director of Development at Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation, I made our scholarship announcement for slideshare. We emailed it to the donors and the recipients. We posted on the website. We shared it. It was fun to watch the number of views grow. Not just for the sake of hitting an audience, but because we knew we were really connecting our members with a core mission of our foundation.

Check out some of the SAM Foundation examples at:

What would you do with Slideshare?


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