Time to Get Social

Social media is about being social. So what does that mean, anyway?

That means relationships. It’s one thing to “like” someone and another to “follow” them. But that in and of itself does not create a relationship. Those are simply the introductions.

When done right, social media is an extension of yourself or your organization. In order to be a friend, we must be worth of befriending. You can’t like what’s not like-able. This isn’t earth-shattering or game-changing. It is just common sense.

So what can you do? Be a good friend online. Listen. Interact. Engage. Comment. Respond. Share opinions. Ask questions. Tell stories. Be a good friend in person. Find opportunities to connect in person with these people. Listen. Interact. Engage. Comment. Respond. Share opinions. Ask questions. Tell stories.

How can you connect with your online friends in person? Find an event that your online friends are going to (try meetup.com). Attend conferences. Get to know the local social media influencers in your community. In Indy that means Indy Social Media Org or Indy Social Media Club. A simple conversation in person will pick up where you’ve left off online and strengthen the relationship when you go back to your social networks.

What other advice to you have for building online and offline relationships?


About @hust0058

Nonprofit/Association Professional. Social Media Presenter/Writer/Educator. University of Minnesota Alum. Joiner and Volunteer!
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