Strategy: Where Associations Should Start With Social Media

These aren’t just fun, shiny new toys. They are powerful business tools, if used properly toward accomplishing goals.

My former boss used to say “there’s always blood on the cutting edge”. This saying holds many organizations back; fearful and hesitant of the new. The reason it holds true, more often than not, is because organizations try to be on the cutting edge without the proper strategy in place.

I’ve intentionally began recent articles and presentations on social media by emphasizing strategy. With a written strategy in place, you’ll be able to determine how this or any future tools will work in your favor. That being said, the tools can only work in your favor if you know how to use them. So read up. Ask an expert. Experiment personally, apply professionally.

Social Media Strategy

“Having a social media strategy is not just having a Twitter account or putting your calendar on Facebook. Twitter Talks. Facebook Connects. Foursquare Guides. Flickr & YouTube Show.” From my 2011 Article in the AFLV Connections Magazine.


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