Four Dating Tips That Will Increase Your Twitter Follower Count

Getting More Followers On Twitter

The other day a friend asked me how to get more followers on Twitter. But then it dawned on me that Twitter can be thought of a lot like dating. And frankly, dating is a good place to start talking about recruitment for associations.

If someone really wanted line up a number of dates in a little time you could probably send them off to Craigslist. I have no idea what kind of dates that would produce, but we didn’t talk about quality now, did we?!

My friend is lucky. I have his back. I didn’t want to send him out there to build his black book of followers by suggesting services that would net him thousands of followers overnight. So I asked an important question. Why do you want more followers? His response was that he wanted more readers for his new blog. Always start with strategy in mind. A delicious food blog.

Here’s a list of my questions to help you find your new followers (or a new date if applied in real life/ or new members for your association) —

1. Consider Who You Already Know.

  • It’s easy to search your personal Gmail contacts
  • Organizations could export emails from their database and into a Gmail account to search for members already on Twitter (just don’t follow too many too quick, that’s creepy, spammy, and Twitter will get mad – so maybe add them to a list)
  • Find connect with friends and coworkers

2. Find People With Common Interests. In person this could be art shows, museums, coffee shops, concerts, etc. But how would this work on Twitter?

  • Participate in hashtags on subjects you are interested
  • Join a Twitter Chat (a scheduled conversation based on hashtag)
  • You can join groups of people with similar interested at WeFollow, Twibes, etc

    3. Look Among Friends of Friends. I know a ton of couples that were introduced through a mutual acquaintance.

    • Follow some followers of friends you follow. Then say that 5 times fast.
    • Look at Twitter Lists. You can follow a list or use it to find people to follow.
    • Go for a blind date using Google Labs in Twitter that makes recommendations.
    • Friends that give #FF mentions (Follow Friday) may list people they enjoy following. #FF is best done when the user shares why they are worth following.

      4. Be Attractive/Likable. A you an date-able candidate? Instead of being a wallflower, be interesting and charismatic. How else can you improve yourself?

      • Create interesting content! If you are worthy of following word will spread. If your content sucks – you’ve got no game.
      • Talk with people you’re interested in. Be authentic when engaging with others by mentioning, at-replying and ReTweeting others.
      • Know your Klout. It’s kind of like an influence/personality rating for Twitter.
      • TwitterGrader is another good way to size up your status. It will also give you some good insight into where you might be able to improve.

      You might be thinking that I just told you how to grow the number of people you follow, not that follow you. I believe giving in order to receive. Being a friend in order to make friends. And following people that are interesting increases the value of Twitter. If you are a good citizen you’ll gain new followers, naturally and over time. Don’t take short cuts in growing your list because you’ll lose the quality of those connections.

      This all may sound pretty straightforward, but without knowing what you’re looking for with proper goals mind you’ll struggle to make the right connections – on Twitter and in Life.


      About @hust0058

      Nonprofit/Association Professional. Social Media Presenter/Writer/Educator. University of Minnesota Alum. Joiner and Volunteer!
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