Don’t Tweet Your Email Address

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There isn’t room for many absolute statements in social media. Tweeting an email address, however, is one that I am very confident in directly saying NO to.

I understand why people or associations might be compelled to tweet out an email address. You are trying to create a call to action and you want to proper person to be contacted. You’re comfortable sharing email addresses over the phone, in your magazine, on your website and in emails. So why not tweet it?

This is a good example as to how old rules don’t always apply to new media.

Twitter is a public forum. Very public. That’s a good thing, but not when it applies to somewhat private information, like an email address. Google, bots and your average Joe can search twitter. This means that you are exposing yourself, your association or your volunteers to a host of unwelcomed SPAM. Here’s a current search for “” on twitter. See what I mean?! This is the stuff that SPAMMERS love.

Here are my suggested alternative to tweeting an email address.

1. Direct Followers to a Website

2. Ask them to Direct Message You or At Reply on Twitter

3. Send Them to an RSVP Page

4. Link to a Form to Get Their Contact Information and Opinion

Do you have other suggestions? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear them!


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